Sorina. 5% weird, 40% violent, and 55% awesome.

"For me, acting as a child was just a good experience. I became independent at quite a young age because from the age of 16 my mum was, like, “I’m not chaperoning you any more,” so I was off getting trains and staying in hotels and learning how to deal with the business. I didn’t rebel as a teenager and I think that’s probably why – because I didn’t really have anything to rebel against. I already had my own life outside school as well."



Dembe is to Red what Jim was to Robert California, here.

"Dembe, would you like a nature metaphor or a sex metaphor?"

"They don’t really touch. Women don’t shake hands with men. So the first time Darcy touches Elizabeth is when he helps her into the carriage. Which is a really beautiful moment because it’s the first skin on skin touch. I think today, we don’t think twice about that at all. I shake people’s hands, I give them a kiss, whatever. It’s interesting to think, if you don’t have that tactile nature, how important one touch can be" - Keira Knightley.

I’ll process the whole episode eventually.


So there was a moment where Berlin was all “I know you love this Elizabeth Keen chick as much as your…” And I was all “say it. You know you wanna say ‘daughter’. Just do it and I’ll resign myself to the interpersonal tone of the rest of this show.”

Then he said “your wife”.

You’re late.
How many?
This is the second time in as many weeks.
Everything was very polite. Few questions, few answers, then things got contentious.